I primarily teach finance courses at Bucknell University. I also regularly teach Intermediate Microeconomics. Please sign up for courses on the University website. If you have any specific questions about course topics, feel free to send me an email.

Econ304: Financial Economics

Semester: Fall

The course focuses on the theory and applications of asset pricing models. We start with an introduction to the role of financial markets in the economy and an overview of asset pricing models. We then turn to the equilibrium method and arbitrage pricing theory as two main approaches to value risky cash flows.

Econ410: Risk Management in Financial Markets

Semester: Spring

The course aims to provide an introduction to risk analysis and tools within the financial markets to manage risk. The course includes an overview of the market, credit, and operational risk factors and discusses practical ways to manage those risks. We spend considerable time on applications of finance theory and pricing complex financial securities.

Econ202: Intermediate Microeconomics

Semester: Spring

The course will introduce and develop theories of intermediate microeconomics using differential calculus. The ideas and concepts you will learn in this course form the basis for all advanced microeconomics courses offered by the economics department. Upon completing this course, you will have developed an understanding of the mainstream theories regarding the behavior of the consumer and firm and will have been introduced to some advanced microeconomic topics.